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Commercial loan comparison – compare rates without obligation and free of charge

Commercial loan comparison - compare rates without obligation and free of charge

The motivation to use a commercial loan comparison has many different reasons for users. The colloquial term “commercial loan” covers the most different forms of financing on commercial occasion. A commercial loan comparison can be used to find a loan for investment finance, to look for a start-up loan or simply to use a classic current account loan in the future. Let us shed some light on the dark of commercial loans and show what it all counts.

The start-up financing

The start-up financing

The first commercial loan that a self-employed person receives is probably the start-up financing. Very few founders have the own funds to pay investments, first rents and possibly salaries out of pocket. And until the company makes the first profits, a few days go into the country.

For example, the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) and its programs offer start-up financing. Through the product finder, interested parties are guided exactly to the support program that meets their needs. The different programs are based, for example, on the need for credit, up to 100,000 euros or more, and on whether the activity is carried out from the beginning in the main profession or, at first, as a part-time job. Although KfW loans are requested through a traditional bank, the funds are either provided by KfW or KfW takes over the borrower’s indemnity against the bank if the loan is not repaid.

Another variant of start-up financing is provided by special loan portals for commercial loans. However, lenders here are not banks, but private and institutional investors. However, institutional investors are less active with amounts of 50,000 euros, rather from the upper six-digit range. The founder presents his business idea on these portals and tries to convince potential investors of the idea and to collect the necessary capital.

If institutional investors find themselves, he can hope that his start-up phase will go beyond financing through active support and use of the donors’ network.

The investment loan

Another loan option that is commonly sought through a trade loan comparison is the investment loan. This is less the purchase of raw materials for further processing, but rather the purchase of new production equipment, IT or production halls.

KfW also offers solutions in this segment of the commercial loan. The same applies to the already mentioned credit platforms. However, the classic banks (Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, Volksbank, etc.) and savings banks also come into play in the case of an investment loan. While they tend to hold back on start-up loans and refer to KfW, investment loans for established companies are a lucrative business for them.

Of course, credit platforms also offer solutions for taking out investment loans. These B2B (Business to Business) platforms now cover all areas of commercial loans except for overdraft facilities.

The current account credit

The current account credit

The current account credit is also one of the commercial loans. A bank overdraft is nothing more than an overdraft for the business account. While the term “credit line” applies to private checking accounts, the term “current account overdraft” applies to a business account. The current account credit often serves to purchase raw materials and is promptly offset by the sale of finished goods.

The framework credit

Similar to private individuals, banks also offer installment loans to companies. This is, in contrast to a current account credit, not linked to a current account, but can be used as a sole solution. He usually also serves the purchase of goods. The company maintains an account at the bank with a specific credit line.


Interest on the credit line (also called call-off credit ) only accrue to the loan actually used. The interest is cheaper than a current account.

The collateral for commercial loans

KfW loans are secured by guarantees from KfW. For all other commercial loans, it depends on what conditions the respective lender sees. Banks usually require the assignment of life insurance policies of the borrower, a mortgage on a factory property or the private property of the business owner or the transfer of ownership of the investment to be financed.

For loans via B2B platforms, venture capital often plays a part in the financing. In this case, the lenders insist that the foundation “flies”, but also take the risk of a total loss of the capital invested. The position of collateral plays only a minor role.

Differentiate the trade loan comparison as needed

Differentiate the trade loan comparison as needed

Our small list makes it clear that it is necessary to look at a commercial loan comparison also for the intended use. This ensures that the prospective borrower actually receives the information he seeks. If you need a current account credit, for example, it is advisable to search for a business account. For example, if you are looking for a provider for an investment, you can enter “Commercial Loan Comparison Investment Loan” to find the right comparison.