Cheap Solar Panels

Cheap Solar Panels

The best Solar Panels Cost.

With time running out until the next UK Feed in Tariff review (FIT’s) for Solar PV which is in September, this may be the last chance to drive a good deal for cheap solar panels before the end of the year.

cheap solar panelsUsually, when a deadline like the feed in tariff review is getting closer, more people wake up to the fact that they should take action before they lose out on the current rate of FIT’s and it then causes a bit of a ‘buy now while stock last’ syndrome and installers get lots of enquiries – it’s a fact that when there is are a lot of customers prices don’t drop.

So it’s probably just about enough time for you to enquire about solar panels prices before the ‘rush comes’ in early next year.

As an extra bonus, Solar Panels prices have been coming down over the last few years, so even if you leave it too late to get the best FIT’s rate, they still represent one of the best returning investments you can make to improve you home energy efficiency & save money at the same time.